Posted by IdealVitamins Staff

Balance. It’s what we all strive to achieve, Work/life balance is a big one that is often somewhat elusive. But balance within our own bodies is just as important and achieving it is easily within our grasp, Having your body function at its peak performance requires all metabolic processes to be in harmony and balance.

Enter Balance-D, an amino formula that provides balance in the form of optimal transport and storage of nutrients in our body.  Balance D provide a variety of benefits including better memory, improved muscle control, and help with weight management.

The benefits of using a calcium supplement, like Balance D, is that it supports optimal levels of dopamine, which can enhance muscle control and memory function. Proper levels of dopamine also help manage impulsive behavior, to keep food cravings and overeating under control. With balanced dopamine levels you may notice an improvement in your memory, ability to focus, and attention span, and you might even see your motor skills get better than they've been in awhile. In addition to a select blend of amino acids Balance D from NeuroScience also contains vitamins B6 and calcium, as well as folate and selenium.

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