Posted by IdealVitamins Staff

Spring has sprung. That means it’s time for Spring Cleaning. While many people look forward to this yearly task, others dread it. No matter which camp you are in, there’s no doubt that we all love the end results. But in addition, there are some great health benefits for your mind and body to giving your house a thorough cleaning.

Here are some health benefits of spring cleaning:

Reduce allergens - A thorough cleaning of your house can help if you suffer from allergies, as it rids the house of any lingering dust, mold and pollen that might have been hanging around all winter.

Blast bacteria - Spring cleaning gives you a healthier environment to live in and reduces the amount of bad bacteria you may be living with.

Relieves stress - The physical act of cleaning actually relieves stress by helping ease worry. Cleaning allows you to focus at the task at hand.

Sharpens your mind - In order to do a thorough cleaning you’ll need to think about organizing, prioritize tasks, and have a plan. All of those things help you stay mentally sharp.

Renews your calm - A clean, clutter free home has a calming effect that allows you to focus your energy on other important things.

Exercise - Cleaning itself is great exercise. The energy you exert doing common household cleaning may be burning off more calories than you expect.