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If you've just begun (or are thinking of starting) a weight loss program program or just thinking about eating healthier, it's time to take a fresh look at your kitchen and get it into shape too.  Having the right tools can make your kitchen more diet friendly. You may already have some of the tools on hand but if you don’t, maybe it’s time to get some of these tools to help you lose those extra pounds and gain more energy.


  • Microwave - You probably already have a microwave and will find your microwave indispensable as you cook for weight loss. From making brown rice in a rice steamer to steaming veggies or even chicken or fish in the special steaming zipper bags that are now on the market, you will find that many meals can be prepared without any additional equipment or utensils.
  • Blender - A blender is especially handy for making your own fresh salsa, smoothies, low-fat and protein shakes, soups, and more.
  • Indoor grill - These grills are perfect for grilling boneless, skinless chicken breasts, lean hamburger or trimmed steak. All the fat and grease drain off and you are left with a leaner meal.
  • Electric chopper, food processor - You’ll probably find that you are eating lot more veggies. You can cut down on the time you spend chopping, dicing and slicing by having an electric chopper, a food processor (with a variety of blades) or even a mandolin.
  • Food sealer - Having the ability to have meals or snacks in individually wrapped serving sizes will be really helpful in controlling portions. You’ll also have sealed healthy-snack baggies handy for when you're on the go.


  • Non-stick broiler pan - A broiler pan will allow you to broil chicken breasts, and other proteins and the fat will drip into the pan.
  • Non-stick skillet - You’ll use less oil when cooking than a regular skillet.


  • Set of microwave dishes - If you are going to be making more use of the microwave, you’ll need to have dishware that is microwave-safe.
  • Small spoons - You can “trick” yourself into eating slower and feel like you’re having more food by eating with small spoons. You’ll probably feel more satisfied if you eat your yogurt and it takes 12 spoonfuls rather than just three large ones.


  • Measuring cups - Measuring tools will allow you to keep your portions in check, and you’ll need a set in a variety of sizes to measure out exact amounts.
  • Measuring spoons - Having a variety of sizes will enable you to calculate calories based on exact amounts.
  • Large measuring cup - This will be helpful for measuring the correct amounts of liquids that you need.
  • Food scale - Often eating right depends on having the right amount to calculate the calories or fat or carbs. So, having a good scale will help you get the exact amount you are supposed to be eating.


  • Infusion pitchers - There are a lot of pitchers on the market that enable you to put fruits in a basket that sits in the pitcher. Infusing your water with lemon, or cucumbers, strawberries or whatever you like, gives you a tasty, refreshing drink loaded with antioxidants, not sugar. This means you can skip the soda and processed drinks and be hydrated while supping something delicious.
  • Basket steamer or microwave steamer  - This will be great for making rice or veggies in the microwave. You’ll be able to cook items with just water and no added fat.
  • Microwave steaming bags - These are also great for steaming veggies and even fish and chicken without adding any fat – giving you leaner and less fatty items.
  • Storage containers - If all your storage containers are large then you might want to get some smaller ones. These are great for portioning out food items and having them ready to take to work for lunch or when you are on the go. Consider replacing your old set with glass ones in various sizes. Plastic can leech chemicals into food and be comprised when using them in the microwave or dishwasher,
  • Vented pourers - You may not mean to pour half a cup of dressing on your salad, but if you're not careful it can happen. These will make it easy to dispense small amounts of your favorite bottled liquids and dressings.

  • Olive oil sprayer
    - Need to coat a pan or baking dish? Want to sauté your veggies in just a tiny bit of olive oil? An olive oil sprayer will allow you to coat pans and use oil but just a touch of it.

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