Posted by IdealVitamins Staff

It’s National Licorice Month. But that doesn’t mean we should be celebrating (or indulging in) Red Vines or Twizzlers. Instead, let’s give thanks for all the good, healthy benefits of licorice  - as in licorice root  - and how it’s useful in reducing the symptom associated with several common health conditions.

Because of its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, licorice root is said to be helpful for many conditions. Here are some of the ailments that licorice root can help with:

Stress Reduction - The Glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root can help with nervousness by encouraging the function of the adrenal glands, which promote a healthy level of cortisol in the body

Cardiovascular Disease and High Cholesterol - Licorice root may control the cholesterol ranges by enhancing the body’s flow of bile as bile acids account for elimination of excessive cholesterol in your body. Also, the antioxidant action of licorice root may enhance capillary health and may reduce the growth of arterial plaque.

Menopause - The phytoestrogenic and antioxidant action of licorice root is thought to be useful for helping to regulate the hormonal problems including exhaustion, mood swings, and hot flashes in women going through menopause.

Menstrual and PMS Cramps - This herb has anti-inflammatory,  antispasmodic, and a moderate estrogenic action which might assist with PMS symptoms including breast tenderness, menstrual cramps, nausea and bloating, not to mention mood swings.

Skin Problems -The demulcent and anti-inflammatory agents in licorice root gel may decrease the signs of skin conditions such as eczema.

Gastric and Abdominal Troubles - The licorice root’s flavonoids can help with discomfort and inflammation of the digestive system. Also, soothing agents in licorice root may quiet and soothe the digestion system, which in turn can help to promote a healthy bowel.

Because of the estrogenic action in the root, it should not be taken by those that are pregnant.