Posted by IdealVitamins Staff

It’s can be hard get through an exercise regime if you’ve got achy knees and joints. The key to working out more without all the pain is to find low impact exercise that still bumps up the intensity.

Here are great ways to work out that are gentle on your joints:

Walking - Walking uses nearly every muscle in the body. Start with an easy 10-minute walk in and add 10 percent more time each week. You can also get more burn by alternating slow and fast walking.

In-Line Skating - Start in an area that has a flat surface, like a parking lot or bike trail. Once you get more comfortable, try a bit of an incline or small hill.

Zumba - This Latin-inspired dance workout has fun, upbeat music.You’ll be so busy dancing that you might not even notice you’re getting a vigorous, full body workout. Also, exercising with a group is fun, and for some people help them stick with a workout.

Step Climbing - Whether it's bleacher steps outdoors or StairMaster at the gym, step climbing  falls into the "moderate to vigorous" range where you burn more calories—and boost your heart health.

Cycling - You can hop on your bike and enjoy a ride outside or sign up for a spin class with some heart-thumping music.

Elliptical Trainer - Ellipticals are easy to use, pain-free, and an easy way to start exercising. Try a machine with an upper body component so you can engage even more muscles. 

Swimming - Even if you are overweight, have joint issues, or suffer from arthritis, you can still get a good workout and take the weight off your joints. Start off with just 30 minutes of slow laps and then work your way up to more time in the pool.

Rowing Machine - It's one of the few cardio machines that engage your upper body muscles, as well as your core and legs. The harder you push the more you’ll see the pounds drop off.