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It’s National Get a Balanced Life Month. We'd all like to achieve a good balance in our increasingly hectic lives. Being balanced means that you have a good handle on all the various elements in your life and don’t feel that your heart or mind are being pulled too hard in any direction. If your are truly in balance, you should feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.

To get to this point requires dealing with forces that are both internal (heart, mind, health) and external (work, relationships and activities) and making sure that no one side or element is taken to the extreme,

Here are some tips to help you get balanced:

Nurture yourself - You cannot accomplish anything if you're unhealthy. You need to get  plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and still function adequately. Instead you need to develop healthy routines. Taking care of yourself will help you feel more energized, stronger both physically and emotionally.This will let you tackle tasks, deal with situations that arise more calmly and feel more centered.

Unwind and relax - Set aside time each day for an activity that you enjoy, such as walking, working out or listening to music. Or, allow yourself to unwind after a hectic day by reading, meditating or taking a nice hot bath.

Reflect - Take time to look at how you handled situations, achieved goals and felt during both difficult and positive times. This reflection will help you change things that aren’t working and focus more on what is working for you.

Plan - Just like accomplishing any goal in life, balance takes planning and preparation. Make lists of what needs to be accomplished - both in the short and long term. This will help you schedule your time, know your priorities and be more purposeful as your go through your day.

Be positive - Maintain a positive mental attitude.Begin each day with the intention of making the best and most of it. It may not always go as planned, but it can go more smoothly if you put it in perspective.

Be flexible - Part of living a well-balanced life is learning how to deal with adversity, unforeseen events and uncertainty. If you practice not letting things get to you, you will not only learn to live a well balanced and less stressful life, you will learn to live in and savor the moment.

Be grateful - Focus on the good things in your life and acknowledge them. You can do this during your meditation or quiet time or maybe you want to start a gratitude jar that you can fill with slips of paper saying what you are thankful for at any given moment.


While we can't anticipate and plan for everything in our lives, we can decide how, where and when to concentrate our energies. This may require some real effort, but in the end it will lead to much less stress and a well balanced life.

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