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On Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so spring will be here soon. But for those of you that don’t like working out outside or just hate the cold, there are plenty of indoor activities that will help keep you in shape until the big thaw.

Here are 6 activities that make you feel like a kid and get you in shape at the same time:

Take a spin class: Indoor cycling classes are intense and can burn up to hundreds of calories They also keep bones strong, strengthen the butt, thighs, calves, and even the core.

Jump in the pool: This low-impact exercise lets you exercise longer without excess muscle and joint strain, and is great for burning calories and improving breathing technique.

Start climbing: This non-traditional cardio workout really hits the mark for exercising your mental and physical strength Scaling indoor walls will increase heart rates and burn up to 650 calories per hour

Hit the (indoor) ice: Skating tones the legs, core, and butt, along with smaller, stabilizing muscles that assist with balance and coordination. At a moderate pace, ice skating also burns about 500 calories per hour.

Jump around: Hop over to the nearest indoor trampoline park for a good workout. This bouncy childhood favorite is the latest fitness craze. it’s really fun and just six minutes of cardio moves on a trampoline is the equivalent to running,

Relive recess. Dodgeball was a favorite at recess, but it’s also a fun way to get moving with a group of friends.Dodgeball delivers a surprisingly good cardio workout, moving in all planes of motion as you duck and fly over your opponent’s strikes.

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