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The Super Bowl is a event that bring people together for parties to watch the big game. That usually means a lot of heavy food, high-calorie snacks and booze will be consumed while cheering for your team and of course, watching the commercials.

We don’t expect you to forgo the food festivities, but  you can move beyond the usual chips, dips and beer to provide some healthy alternatives and your guest won’t notice they are snacking bit lighter

Here are some ways to score a touchdown with your game-day party food:

Skip the mayo - Many dips calls for lots of mayonnaise and sour cream. Swap out those high-calorie laden dips for ones made with healthier alternatives. You can use greek yogurt as a replacement in dips. Also fresh salsa, which is light and packed with flavor, is a great alternative. Guacamole is also a favorite and avocados are high in the good kind of fat.

Use chickpeas - Chickpeas are packed with nutrients, fiber, and are very versatile, Think about making something like hummus or use chickpeas as the base for dip and add some different herbs and spices to kick it up a notch.

Replace the beef - Often people having a large group over for the game will make something hearty like a big pot of chili. You can still have the chili, but why not try making a turkey or chicken chili? Or better yet a white bean chicken chili. It’s not fat free but it’s better for you and your guests than your typical chili made with beef.

Bake don't’ fry - if you’re thinking about chicken wings, which are a staple of many football parties, you can still have them, but cut the calories by baking the wings and not frying them. You'll still get the great game day taste but not all the fat from frying. 

Move beyond the potato - Everyone loves  munching on potato chips,but it’s so easy to mindless eat handfuls of them. There are so many great options out there that are made from whole grains, beans, kale, and sweet potatoes. These are tasty alternatives and will let your guest get their crunch on without all the calories. You could even make your own air-popped popcorn and put some flavorings on it such as garlic powder or sriracha or herbs and spices.

Use more veggies - Instead of bowls of chips, also put out a variety of veggies for dipping like carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, celery, radishes,and cherry  tomatoes. People will still get the satisfaction of dipping (although, double dipping still  is a no-no) without using bread or chips.

Cut the cheese - We all love cheese, but cheese on nachos,melted  cheese in  dips and a huge cheese plate is way too much cheese. Think about  just having two cheese choices - a hard cheese and soft cheese.

Go nuts - Skip the salted beer nuts or canned nuts. Instead put out some raw almonds or walnuts. They are high in anitiatoxitiants, less salty, and an easy swap.

Skip the sugary sweets - A fresh fruit plate with strawberries, apples, blueberry and grapes is a great alternative to processed sugary snacks. If you are hosting a group with a real sweet tooth, you can always melt some dark chocolate, which is high in antioxidants for people to dip their fruit. 

Make a signature cocktail - Yes, beer and football go together and you’ll probably want to have some brews on hand. But you can also make a lower calorie cocktail that uses soda water or seltzer, natural flavorings like lemon , lime, grapefruit. This way your guest can have a few drinks without worrying about getting a beer belly.

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