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Watching movies are a popular pastime for most of us. And watching the Academy Awards is a reason to gather with friends and host your own Red Carpet event while watching the awards ceremony on TV this Sunday night. You want to have all the glitz and glam of the Oscar’s for your guests, but not all calories associated with movie snacks.  But there are ways that you can still get all the decadence of Hollywood's golden night without loading up on unhealthy foods.

Here are a few tips on how to save calories during your Oscar party on Sunday.

Have a popcorn bar - Popcorn is a movie staple. But instead of heavy, calorie-laden buttered theater-style popcorn opt for a huge batch of fiber-rich air popped popcorn and then let your guest put on their own toppings. You can put out small bowls of spices (granulated garlic and rosemary, cayenne pepper, BBQ spices, and any other spice combinations, and you can put out flavored salts like truffle salt, or smoke sea salt). Then have a stack of small paper bags (glam it up by putting some gold stars on the bags) and let people shake up their own special popcorn blend. Your guests will get the satisfaction of munching on an iconic movie treat without all the calories.

Small is the new big - Make bite size portions of food. Think mini quiches, mini pizzas, mini anything. You are only limited by your imagination. Bake everything in mini muffin cups. This is automatic portion control and less mess for guests when nibbling since they won’t need a fork.

Skip the delivery - If you're hosting a crowd that loves pizza, think about making your own. The greasy delivery pie is loaded with fat and calories. You can make a whole wheat pizzas and let people choose their own toppings (think lots of veggies rather than fatty meats). if you don’t want to get your guest involved in the cooking, you can make mini pizzas, because who doesn’t love a bite-size pizza.

Be sweet but smart - Everyone loves a decant dessert, but you can get the feeling of lux without all the calories by using fruit. Try using pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, apples, peaches and bananas and have a small bowl of melted dark chocolate for guests to dip their fruit. It will satisfy any sweet tooth and the dark chocolate gives that extra feeling of luxury. Plus, dark chocolate has antioxidants.

Limit drink choices - Having a glass or two of champagne at an Oscar party is a must. The drier the champagne, the fewer the calories (brut champagne has only 65 calories per glass). So, go ahead and pop open the bubbly. For guests that don’t like champagne, you can also make signature drink with a movie theme. Having a lower calorie cocktail that uses soda water or seltzer, natural flavorings like lemon , lime, or grapefruit gives guest great option and makes it easier for you as a host.

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