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Everyone’s immune system can use a little extra help to keep your body functioning at its peak performance. But there are times that an extra immune system boost is really needed. When your body is fighting off infections, viruses, colds, allergies, and disease, having a extra immune system support is crucial to recovery.

Cancer is one of those times that supporting the immune system and encouraging optimal glandular and lymphatic function is needed. For over half a century, Hoxsey formula has offered patients help in promoting normal blood health and supporting the immune system.The original Hoxsey cancer treatment is a liquid nutraceutical made from a unique blend of herbs and a solution of potassium iodide.

Now you can get the benefits of Hoxsey treatment with Wise Woman Herbals’ Hoxsey-Like Formula that contains active ingredients such as red clover and burdock. The potassium iodine formula has been found effective for overall thyroid health and balancing hormones. Additionally, this Hoxsey-Like Formula is a useful supplement when undergoing traditional cancer treatment, as the potassium iodide solution has been shown to activate the body's natural protection against radiation.

Give the immune system boost you need with Hoxsey-Like Formula.

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