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How to Have a Healthy Staycation

Mental health professionals agree that setting aside planned time for rest and relaxation is an essential part of modern life. However, it can be challenging to plan a vacation around busy schedules and often it’s just too expensive to take a trip outside the state or country.

Enter the staycation - taking a vacation at home. But actually getting some much-needed rest and relaxation while remaining in the same place, requires a different mind set to ignore all the daily distractions you normally face at home.

But it’s not only possible to overcome those challenges, you can make the experience fun, transformative, and healthy if you follow a few simple steps.

Have a plan -  Whatever you decide to do, create a plan and stick to it.  Think about your goals for the staycation and write them down. Treat it the same way you would a real vacation (because it is) and tackle planning a daily schedule the same way. Buy tickets ahead of time for attractions or events you plan to attend. Having a plan will also help create excitement and anticipation for your plans and that’s also part of the fun of a vacation - looking forward to it.

Check out - Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you will be on vacation and not available to them. If you expect that some people won’t respect your boundaries about not being available, don’t give out details of your plans and let them assume you are out of town and not around to help or answer questions.

Do things differently - For a true mental getaway, you need to get out of your regular daily routine. Allow yourself to sleep a little later. Forget about the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. You will also want to try and look at things with a visitor’s eye. Think about all the great things your area offers that would be attractive to visitors and then enjoy them (museums, galleries, libraries, parks, unique businesses, and free concerts, etc.) as you would if you were travelling to another city or town.

Engage and learn - Often while on vacation, you spend time earn about your new location - whether it’s historical facts or local culture. Take that same attitude when you soak in your surrounding and try to learn something at a local museum or head to the chamber of commerce or historical society to learn more about your region. It will help you stay mentally sharp and acquire some fun facts..

Have a spa day - Often while on vacation people treat themselves to a relaxing day of pampering. Just because you are staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. You could head to a local spa or create your own spa at home. Light candles, put body oils and rose petals in a bath, and play some soothing music. Try at-home facials and pedicures for a relaxing mother-daughter group activity.  You can also look up spa menu online ahead of time and have everything you need to prep a light spa lunch.

Try something new and active - If you've always wanted to take a yoga, water aerobics, or spinning class, schedule a day where everyone does a few active things at the local rec center. Many gyms and yoga studios offer a free introductory trial or a discount for your first class.

Have fun while moving - A healthy staycation should include one active element every day. Combine getting outside and exercising with something else to create an adventure. Check out a new hiking trail, or combine a hike with a midday picnic. You can also turn something as simple as a bike ride into a scavenger hunt. This way get in some exercise and fun.

Get away from your gadgets - Make a family pact to turn off cell phones, iPods, and computers during specific times of the day. Use your staycation to unwind and disconnect.

IdealVitamins Staff
IdealVitamins Staff