Banyan Botanicals

It has always been the vision of Banyan Botanicals to be formulated entirely with certified organic herbs. As a partner in an herbal farming network in Sri Lanka and India, the company has that base well covered with a reliable supply of certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced as well as being fairly traded. That element is important for any quality online supplements brand but, considering that Banyan Botanicals products were developed specifically for the purpose of promoting Ayurvedic healing, the use of sustainable organic ingredients are essential.

As one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, Ayurveda approaches health and wellness individually, recognizing that each person has a unique nature and constitution. Following the belief that imbalances that result when you deviate from your specific constitution is what causes disease, Banyan Botanicals are designed to gently and naturally shift you back into balance. To that end, the brand has products for cleansing and detox, energy, immune support, skin health, heart health and more. Available in various, easy to use forms including oils, powders, and tablets, you are certain to find the combination of Banyan Botanicals products to bring you into balance.

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