Bio-Tech has always placed a priority on high quality ingredients. Even though the company has established relationships with suppliers who have proven to consistently deliver the level of quality the brand requires, Bio-Tech takes the extra step with all the ingredients they use to confirm the identity, the strength of active ingredients and the absence of contamination. It is their commitment to accuracy and purity that ensures you can trust and depend on the brand every time you buy supplements online under the Bio-Tech label.

Only a handful of nutraceutical companies can claim that their products are backed by clinical studies from prestigious institutions. Bio-Tech has the distinction of studies on their supplements in over 40 institutions and universities including the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, National Center of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, and Tufts University, just to name a few.

Ideal Vitamins is pleased to offer the Bio-Tech brand among the quality supplements and vitamins that we stock. It is a comprehensive brand providing vitamin and mineral formulations as well as herbals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. Additionally, Bio-Tech also produces specialty formulations that support energy, cell health, memory, mood, and mental health. 

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