Complementary Prescriptions

When you buy supplements online from the Complementary Prescriptions brand, you are getting the brand with over 35 years of research, experience, and proven products. Its well-earned reputation is why it is the brand healthcare providers rely on. That confidence is based on the science that backs all the products in the line, from adrenal and stress support to BioEngergizers, gastrointestinal and detox to joint and sight support. The brand essentially has natural supplements to support nearly all your body's systems in addition to addressing a variety of health issues. Plus, you will also find a selection of vitamins and minerals including formulas for men's and women's health support.

As a professional brand, Complementary Prescriptions products are formulated to work best under the direction of your healthcare provider. Your practitioner knows that these supplements are designed to enhance individualized nutrition programs, and are recommended after taking personal factors into account such as age, gender, health, and personal health and wellness goals. Additionally, because of the quality raw ingredients used and the attention to high standards in manufacturing, you know you will get consistently effective results with Complementary Prescriptions.

You could simply buy Complementary Prescriptions from your healthcare professional but, Ideal Vitamins can provide the same products at much lower prices. You'll get free shipping, too, on Complementary Prescriptions supplements and vitamins online from Ideal Vitamins.

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