Euromedica was founded with the idea of producing complex multi-ingredient products to improve the health of Americans, tackling the issue one person at a time. Over the years, Euromedica's founder, Terry Lemerond, has lead the industry with a number of ground-breaking innovations including standardization of botanicals in the U.S., producing peppermint oil in capsules with enteric coating, and a standardized Ginkgo biloba product. Additionally, many of Euromedica's products have been highlighted in published papers in the scientific community, and clinical trials are continually being conducted to ensure the effectiveness and potency of Euromedica online supplements.

It's good to know that a high quality brand such as Euromedica offers vitamins online, but their unique research endeavors have resulted in distinctive formulas that address health issues that other brands don't. Some of those include bladder management, reducing and controlling inflammation, gland and adrenal health, nerve function, and a low back formula to increase flexibility and mobility. Plus, that is all in addition to superior products for bone and joint health, respiratory and sinus support, and stress relief.

Because Euromedica nutraceuticals are formulated to be professional strength, you can typically only find them in a healthcare provider's office. However, as a major online retailer, IdealVitamins offer the best prices on the Euromedica products we are able to procure, and they are often even lower than your practitioner.

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