Garden of Life has a vision to merge science with the best nature has to offer to create nutritional products that are among the most effective on the market. That vision drives the company's mission to empower extraordinary health, actually giving you control over your own wellness. Garden of Life advocates health through nutrition and exercise. They produce a comprehensive line of supplements and vitamins online formulated from raw, organically grown whole foods that deliver the nutrition you need to stay active and healthy.

Usually, when you buy supplements online, the nutraceuticals come as capsules or occasionally liquids or drops. Garden of Life understands that the body absorbs different nutrients in different ways, and creates their products in a variety of forms to ensure quick, comprehensive absorption and bioavailability. Consequently, Garden of Life nutraceuticals come as vegan capsules, gels, delicious multivitamin liquids, and even nutritious powders that mix easily into water or juice. You will find Garden of Life supplements that support digestive health, immune balance, detoxing, and weight management all through superior nutrition.

As a top brand, you might be able to find Garden of Life supplements on other websites or even at a local health food store. However, you will not find better prices on these quality nutraceuticals than at Ideal Vitamins. We offer extremely competitive pricing and free standard shipping at Ideal Vitamins.

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