Good Clean Love has a vision to be the most trusted resource for natural sexual well-being products. Rather than online supplements that are taken internally, Good Clean Love's line of quality, natural personal lubricants are formulated to be used topically to improve the quality of healthy, loving relationships. The brand believes that the very nature of their products demands using only the healthiest, highest quality organic ingredients, and they include no paraben's or petrochemicals in any of their lubricants. Good Clean Love even goes a few steps further to spread the love to the planet and its inhabitants, employing earth-friendly procedures, using recyclable and recycled packaging materials, and shunning animal testing for cruelty-free products.

Good Clean Love lubricants don't contain the chemical additives that most others on the market do, so they don't cause irritation to sensitive tissues, yet they last just as long. Additionally, you can choose from Almost Naked, infused with the light, natural scents of vanilla and lemon, or opt for sensuous Cinnamon Vanilla for a stronger scent. Both products are aloe-based to offer soothing, healing properties.

If the big-name lubricants on the market have disappointed you, try some Good Clean Love the next time you shop vitamins online at IdealVitamins. As a natural, organic product, it's a perfect fit with the premium nutraceuticals we carry, and you'll always get the best prices at IdealVitamins.

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