The mission of MycoHerb by Kan is to enhance the application of Chinese herbology here in the West for the purpose of improving health. To that end, the brand formulates unique herbal supplements that have a reputation for being effective, pure, and safe. While not every company that sells Chinese herbal products commit to thorough inspections of all the raw herbs used in their products, that is an extra step in all MycoHerb by Kan online supplements. It is part of the superior quality assurance the company puts all of their products through, and it is how you know you can trust MycoHerb by Kan nutraceuticals.

The MycoHerb line of Kan products focus on nutritive mushroom benefits for health and enhancing wellness. In China, using these mushroom-based formulations is called Fu zheng therapy, a practice for strengthening immunity. The company takes an innovative approach of cultivating specific types of mushrooms for years before harvesting them and putting them through an advanced extraction process to enhance potency and effectiveness. Because of the strength of the products, MycoHerb by Kan supplements are typically only available through a healthcare practitioner.

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