For almost 20 years, Shankara products have been combining the Ayurveda philosophy and tradition with western anti-aging science to achieve impressive youth-restoring effects. Often, when people buy supplements and vitamins online it is, at least in part, for the cell regenerating and protecting properties. While addressing anti-aging from the inside out is a useful way to combat it, Shankara has discovered the enhanced therapeutic effects herbs and essential oils can have when applied topically. Additionally, the brand follows Ayurvedic practices to create a skincare line that works by balancing the entire being: body, spirit, and mind.

Sometimes skincare challenges arise from temporary imbalances that are brought on by emotional state, lifestyle, diet, or even a change in the seasons or climate. Other times, the battle may be with maintaining balance for your particular skin type. Whatever issues you are facing, Shankara has the natural herbal preparations for bringing balance back to your skin. In addition to bath salts, body oils, and cellulite support for your body, Shankara also has a facial care line that is based on your specific dosha, with products to cleanse, exfoliate, repair, regenerate, protect and address issues such as blemishes, lines, and wrinkles. The brand even offers a luxurious oil to nourish the hair and scalp, penetrating deep to restore health, repair damage and stimulate hair growth.

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