Tower Labs Corp Ascorsine 9 was developed based on research by Dr. Linus Pauling who found that instead of being a disease, what is commonly termed as "heart disease" is actually a deficiency in a particular enzyme that is necessary for a body to manufacture vitamin C. That deficiency, in turn, affects collagen production that is vital for healthy bones, skin, blood vessels, organs, cartilage, and other tissue. However, there is more to maintaining healthy tissue and a healthy heart than buying vitamins online and taking the USRDA of vitamin C. Dr. Pauling's research also showed that L-lysine, chondroitin, l-arginine, and a proprietary blend of other nutrients including specific vitamins and minerals can all work together to promote heart health.

Over 14 years of studies and research were conducted on the Tower Labs Corp supplement, scientifically proving that it is effective for lowering cholesterol, reliving angina pain, improving muscle strength, including the heart, as well as strengthening the entire cardiovascular system, enhancing the immune system, improving the body's ability to absorb antioxidants, and support overall health. Case studies even show that Tower Labs Corp products have helped patients recover from such severe illness as carotid artery and peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and even congestive heart failure.

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