Vital Nutrients takes pride in the innovative program the company developed for extensive testing for potency, authenticity, and environmental contaminants. It is why the brand is known as the industry's leader in quality assurance, and it is also how you know you can trust the more than 200 pharmaceutical-grade online supplements under the Vital Nutrients name. Whether you need help with general nutrition or have a specific health concern such as cardiovascular health, blood sugar support, weight management, gastrointestinal health or a number of other issues, Vital Nutrients has the solutions.

Vital Nutrients - Superior Quality

The Vital Nutrients mission is to deliver clinically proven results with superior quality nutraceuticals. The company is one of the few that use a third-party certified lab to test all raw materials and every batch of finished product--and that is on top of the 11 different tests that the raw, natural, and botanical ingredients go through prior to formulation. A product won't make it to the shelf until Vital Nutrients is satisfied that it is pure and potent and will work effectively for you.

As a professional, pharmaceutical-grade brand, Vital Nutrients are typically only available through healthcare professionals. Many times, however, a healthcare provider's office is where you will pay the highest price for quality vitamins and supplements. As an online retailer for various products we procure in the Vital Nutrients brand, Ideal Vitamins brings you these high-quality products at much lower prices, and we'll ship them for free, as well.

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