The overuse of antibiotics has allowed bacteria to become stronger and more resistant to pharmaceuticals, but nature still offers the best defense against the little microorganisms in xylitol. It is a natural solution that has been used in the oral health industry for decades and, considering how similar oral and sinus issues are, the founder of Xlear, Dr. Alonzo Jones, felt that xylitol could be an effective treatment for upper respiratory conditions.

Xlear (pronounced "clear") online supplements have clinical studies to back their effectiveness for reducing problem-causing bacteria in the sinus passages. It all began with a xylitol nasal wash for kids. You know how susceptible children are to upper sinus and respiratory problems, however, Xlear for kids proved so effective at reducing those issues in children, that the adult-strength Xlear was soon formulated. There is now a variety of Xlear nasal washes that soothe, moisturize, and protect against sinus issues. Additionally, considering that good oral hygiene is connected to sinus health, the brand also produces a natural xylitol toothpaste to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy.

Many healthcare practitioners including ear, nose, and throat specialists, pediatricians, and dentists recommend Xlear and even carry the products in their offices, however you don't have to have a professional's prescription to get Xlear from Ideal Vitamins. We carry it alongside our vitamins online and offer it at better prices than your healthcare provider. Plus, shipping is free when you order from Ideal Vitamins.