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Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang 100 gms by Min Tong


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  • Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
    (Astragalus & Paeonia Combination)

    Action and Indication: This formula tonifies the Qi; invigorates Blood circulation; unblocks the Channels. It is used to help post-stroke syndromes. Related symptoms are: partial paralysis; paralysis from stroke; facial paralysis; eyes and mouth crooked; lower limbs atrophy; slurred speech; drooling; dry stools; frequent or incontinent urination. Tongue usually has a white coating. Pulse is usually moderate.
  • CONCENTRATED INGREDIENTS:Astragalus Radix (Huang Qi) 83.20%Angelica Sinensis Radix (Dang Gui) 4.20%Paeonia Rubra Radix (Chi Shao Yao) 4.20%Ligusticum Rhizoma (Chuan Xiong) 2.10%Persica Semen (Tao Ren) 2.10% Carthamus Flos (Hong Hua) 2.10%Lumbricus (Di Long) 2.10%