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Cataract with Cineraria Pellets 1 oz by Natural Ophthalmics, Inc


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  • Cataract with Cineraria Pellets 1 oz

    Homeopathic Remedy

    Drug Facts
    Uses: according to homeopathic principles the ingredients of this medicine help to halt and/or reverse cataract.

    Directions: Take three pellets three times per day or as directed by a doctor.

    Warnings: Ask your doctor to review all of your medications to determine compatibility. If pregnant or nursing consult your doctor before taking any medication. See a doctor immediately if pain or blurry vision occurs.

  • Active Ingredients (Homeopathic: Cineraria Maritima HPUS 6X; Causticum HPUS 7X; Silicea HPUS 11X; Calc-p HPUS 11X; Sepia HPUS 7X; Calc flour HPUS 12X.