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Dashboard Diffuser by Amrita Aromatherapy


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  • Dashboard Diffuser

    Includes 1 Diffuser and 10 Cellulose Pads
    Oils not included

    Refresh, cleanse and invigorate with pure essential oils whenever you travel. Use with pure, natural essential oils.
    1. Gently pull off the vented end.
    2. Apply 5 drops of a pure essential oil or synergy blend to the cellulose pad.
    3. Insert the cellulose pad along the guide rail of the vented end.
    4. Replace the cover
    5. Plug the metal end of the diffuser into your car's lighter socket. The red light is on while diffusing. Unplug the diffuser when you leave the car.

    Recommended essential oils and therapeutic blends:
    Red Mandarine-calms restless children and refreshes
    Peppermint-eases car-sickness, increases alertness.
    Mental Energizer-promotes alertness and concentration
    Mandarine Sunset-refreshes and purifies