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Guna-Hypertension 1 fl oz by Guna, Inc.


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  • Guna-Hypertension 1 fl oz

    Homeopathic Medicine

    Uses: Adjuvant therapy for the temporary relief of symptoms due to high blood pressure such as: headache, dizziness, swelling symptoms.

    Directions: Adults: 10 drops 3 times a day in a little water. Take 15 minutes before meals.
  • IngredientsArnica montana 12X Supports blood flowAurum metallicum 12X HeadacheCoenzyme Q 3X AntioxidantDiencephalon, Porcine 6X Stimulates mental alertnessFumaricum acidum 3X AntioxidantGlandula suprarenalis suis 200X Supports detoxificationKidney, Porcine 6X DetoxificationMelatonin 4C Hormonal regulationMelilotus officinalis 6X Supports blood flowNatrum pyruvicum 3X AntioxidantOlea europea, Bark 3X Lymphatic detoxificationPlumbum metallicum 12X AntiagingRauwolfia serpentina 6X Supports blood vesselsSpigelia anthelmia 6X Relieves headacheViscum album 3X AntioxidantEthyl alcohol 30%