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ProPita Spice Powder 2 oz by Ayush Herbs


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  • ProPita Spice Powder 2 oz

    In Ayurveda, food is medicine, promoting balance on all levels of your being. This cooling blend of herbs spices for Pitta types provides the enjoyment of seasoning while maintaining digestive health. Finely grown for a variety of culinary uses, ProPita Spice is perfect for meat, fish, vegetables, curry and bean dishes. Season on food or use in cooking.

    In Auyrveda, a person is made up of three basic emotional and physical characteristics known as doshas. Pitta represents fire and water; an ambitious and focused individual. Characteristics of people who are predominantly Pitta include:
    - Medium build, strong, well built.
    - Opinionated, competitive and ambitious.
    - Strong metabolism appetite.

    ProPita Spice provides balance for pitta types by cooling their warm system as a result of high-energy and passion.

    Ingredients: Ajwain, Basil, Coriander leaves, Cumin White, Fennel, Green Cardamom, Mango powder, Mint leaves, Pomegranate seeds, Rock salt, Turmeric.

    Warning: If pregnant, consult your physician before using this or any other product.

    Do not use if seal is broken. Keep away from reach of children.