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Renewal Bio-Resurf. Facial Peel 1 fl oz by Suki Skincare


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  • Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel 1 fl oz

    ¥ Cranberry Glycolic + Pumpkin Enzymes
    ¥ Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Prescriptions

    Benefits: This corrective peel masques reveals a visibly smoother, refined complexion. Cranberry glycolic alpha hydroxy refined botanical enzyme complex exfoliate damaged cells, docongests damages pores, reduces blemished evens skin tone. Advanced formula with stabilized 5% vitamin c accelerates collagen production with our proprietary bio-delivery system. Revolutionary 15% beta hydroxy from white willow bark works as a highly effective anti-inflammatory exfoliates without irritating skin like its synthetic counterparts. Ideal for all skin types.

    Active Ingredients: Cranberry Glycolic + Pumpkin Enzymes

    Ingredients: purified, filtered water (agua), pumpkin (cucurbita pepo bioferment) apple (malus frosts) enzymes, papain (carica papaya), standardized white willow bark salicins (salix alba) extract, cranberry glycolic (vaccinium macrocarpon fruit) acid, vitamin-c liposome polypeptide (ascorbic palmitate), lemon peel (citrus medica limonum peel) extract, organic orange extract (citrus aurantium dulcis peel), pomegranate (punica granatum) extract, mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) extract, 100% pure food grade xanthan (xanthan) gum, organic chamomile (anthemis nobilis), rose (rosa cannina) calendula (calendula officinalis) extract, pure essential oils (fragrance made only with premium essential oils)

    Warning: For external use only. If product gets in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If adverse reaction occurs, stop use contact a physician. Not for those who have highly acidic systems, very sensitive skin or a tendency toward getting cold sores. Temporary skin sensitivity may occur from usage--this is normal.

    ¥ 100% Natural
    ¥ No Petrochemicals
    ¥ No Synthetics
    ¥ Non-Comedogenic
    ¥ Dermatologist Tested
    ¥ Cruelty-Free

    ¥ Recycled Materials
    ¥ Post Use Recyclable
    ¥ Renewable Energy
    ¥ Vegetable Inks
    ¥ Cruelty Free

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