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Vita-Minz Plus 120 caps by Montiff


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  • Vita-Minz Plus 120 caps
    Advanced Vitamin-Minerals Complex

    Suggested Use:
    1-2 Capsules a day with food, or as needed.

    Note: The date on this item reflects the date of manufacture.
  • Ingredients per capsule: Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 2000 IU Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) 1000 IU Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin HCL) 10mg. Vitamin B-2 (Ribofalvin5'Phosphate) 10mg. Niacin 3 mg., Niacinamide 5 mg. Niacinamide Ascorbate 2 mg. Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxal 5'Phosphate) 10 mg. Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 2 mg. Vitamin B-12 80 mcg. Folic Acid 200 mcg. Biotin 160 mcg. Vitamin C ( Ascorbic Acid) 30 mg. Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) 10 mg. Vitamin D-3, 80 IU Vitamin E (d'Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) 25 IU Vitamin E ( d'Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 80 IU Vitamin E ( Natural Vitamin E) 10 mg. Vitamin K 20 mcg. Calcium Pantothenate 80 mg. Calcium (Citrate) 20 mg. Calcium (Dicalcium Phosphate) 20 mg. Magnesium (Oxide) 55 mg. Manganese Ascorbate 0.5 mg. Boron 5 mcg. Chromium Picolinate 30 mcg. Copper 0.3 mcg. Iodine (Potassium Iodide) 40 mcg. Potassium Citrate 24 mcg. Zinc (Ascorbate) 5 mg. Selenium (Proteinate) 20 mcg. Molydenum (Ascorbate) 19 mcg. Iron (Citrate) 3 mg. Silicon (Silica) 3 mg. Inositol (Rice Extract) 12 mg. Choline 20 mg. Quercetin 5 mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid 15 mg. Lutein 1 mg. Lycopene 1 mg. Grape Seed extract 10 mg. Pine Bark extract 10 mg. Ginkgo Biloba 15 mg. Bilberry extract 8 mg. Green Tea extract 3 mg. Taurine 10 mg. Gamma Oryzanol 10 mg. Paba (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid) 20 mg. CAUTION: Those taking the drug Coumadin should avoid products containing the antioxidant Gingko biloba.