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Women's Tear Stimulation Pellets 1 oz by Natural Ophthalmics, Inc


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  • Women's Tear Stimulation 1 oz

    Homeopathic Remedy

    Uses: according to the homeopathic principle this medicine is indicated for women with acute or chronic dry eyes, often associated with hormone imbalance, Sjogren's or excessive watering secondary to dry eye.

    Directions: Take three pellets three times per day or as directed by a doctor.

  • Drug FactsActive ingredients (Homeopathic): Pulsatillus HPUS 9X, Arsenicum album HPUS 13x, Nux mosch. HPUS 7x, Alumina HPUS 11x, Aarsenicum album HPUS 13x, Zincum m. HPUS 11x