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Wound Gel with Manuka 1oz by Manuka Health


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  • Wound Gel with Manuka Honey 1 oz

    Made with Medical Grade New Zealand manuka Honey and Gelling agents.

    Directions for Use
    1 Cleanse the wound using standard protocol.
    2 Remove cap from tube by twisting it and peel off the safety seal.
    3 Apply a generous coating of the Wound Gel onto wound site.
    4 Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing* and secure with tape.
    5 Check the wound daily. Grasp the corner of the cover dressing and lift the dressing back until the wound is visible.
    6 If needed repeat cleansing protocol and reapply the Wound Gel and cover dressing.
    7 Keep Dry while bathing or swimming.

    * We recommend a Manuka Health's Wound Dressing with Manuka Honey.

    Indications for Use
    Absorbs exudate
    Use on cuts, scratches and abrasions

    Allergy or sensitivity to honey or bee products.

    Intended only for cuts, scratches and abrasions.

    Caution: Consult your physician if signs of infection occur: redness, swelling, fever, etc