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Zuo Gui Wan 100 gms by Min Tong


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  • Zuo Gui Wan 100 gms

    Cyathula & Rehmannia Formula

    Action and Indication: This formula tonifies the Kidneys; replenishes the Yin; enriches the Essence; nourishes the marrow. It is used to help a person with Kidneys Yin Deficiency. Related symptoms are: soreness in the loins and lower back; weakness in the legs; dizziness; vertigo; lightheadedness; ear ringing; blurred vision; lack of saliva; startled easily; frequent urination; incontinence of urine; nervousness; spontaneous and nocturnal emission; infertility; uterine bleeding; amenorrhea; forgetfulness; sensation of heat in the palms and soles; insomnia; spontaneous and night sweats; dry mouth and throat; cheeks are red; thirsty; evening feverish feeling; hair loss; teeth loss; prolonged menstrual bleeding; high blood pressure caused by Yin Deficiency; chronic Kidneys inflammation; pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Tongue is usually shiny red. Pulse is usually thin and rapid.
  • CONCENTRATED INGREDIENTS:Rehmannia Radix - Prepared (Shu Di Huang) 27.03% Dioscorea Rhizoma (Shan Yao) 10.81% Lycium Fructus (Gou Qi Zi) 10.81% Cornus Fructus (Shan Zhu Yu) 10.81% Cuscuta Semen (Tu Si Zi) 10.81% Colla Cornu Cervi (Lu Jiao Jiao) 10.81% Colla Plastrum Testudinis (Gui Ban Jiao) 10.81%Cyathula Radix (Chuan Niu Xi) 8.11%